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We partner with various vendors around the city to provide a better and easier experience to our members.

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We connect our community and create happiness!

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Auden Albany

Live in Luxury Apartments!

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Tap & Swipe to Win

Play our newest game, gain MP's and pick your prizes!

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We create many events, donations and other activities with the ultimate goal of connecting our community and Make All Students Happy.

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MASH connects its members to local vendors and nonprofit organizations, while incentivizing them on a daily basis with prizes, giveaways, constant discounts and more!


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Member's Experience

"I moved to Albany in the fall and one of the first things I was told I needed to do was follow MASH and become a member. I’m so glad I did"
"Its a great feeling when MASH hits you up letting you know you just won a prize!"
"Whenever I win something from MASH, it always brightens my day no matter how bad of a day I'm having!"
'You get a prize, You get a prize, EVERYBODY gets a prize!' MASH reminds me of Oprah!
"I’m really excited to win the Lucky Strike Social Super Bowl prize! My friends and I will have a great time there!"
"Becoming a member of mash has been such an enjoyable experience. Their reoccurring giveaways and discounts have given me the opportunity to try out so many new restaurants and stores."
"Ending my first semester in college with a $50 gift card for the T-Shirt Spot is amazing!"
"MASH has been an amazing gateway to learning about small businesses in the Albany area"
"It is great to have a year long Scavenger Hunt for FREE prizes!"
"Learned about Bellini's Counter after joining MASH, and now I visit here often."
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