10 reasons to become a MASH team member

Attention Students:

MASH is looking for motivated and eager individuals to become team members for the Fall Semester!

Who we are: MASH is a student-run start-up company with a very simple goal. Make All Students Happy. We launched in Spring of 2016, and have skyrocketed to one of the top start-up companies that UAlbany has to offer, according to Blackstone Launchpad.

How: We have made thousands of students happy by giving them everything the community has to offer. We accomplish this through weekly events, daily giveaways, constant discounts, job hiring platform, donations & community service opportunities,  credit-based internships, and more!

Below are 10 excellent reasons to join!

  1. Credits-  Our partnership with UAlbany gives you three credits for your time as an intern.
  2. Bettering the school-  UAlbany students directly benefit from the efforts of MASH, so why not make the campus a better, happier place?
  3. Resume Builder- Want your resume to be placed in the 'A' pile? Interning with MASH is a good start. Employers want to see internship experience on your resume, and without it, your resume will automatically be at a disadvantage.
  4. Professional Experience- The classroom alone does not prepare you for the real-world. Interning with MASH will teach you useful professional skills and show you what it takes for a start-up company to thrive in the real world.
  5. Flexibility- You work on your own time, not our time. Nobody knows better than us how challenging being a full-time student can be. The mantra MASH lives by is Family, School, MASH.  Just keep in mind, the more time you put in, the more long-term reward you get out.
  6. Community Service- We do not only give back to the students, we love to give back to the community of Albany. Click here to read about how MASH donated over 1,000 meals to people in need.
  7. Weekly Events- Every week, we hold events for students to come by and have fun! Click here to read about our pre-game tailgates!
  8. Family Environment- The MASH family rolls deep, and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the team,  we are students just like you!
  9. Blackstone Launchpad- We are not just any start-up, we are the best. In Spring of 2017, we won the Blackstone Launchpad Business Plan Competition against 22 other hungry opponents.
  10. YOU- If you want to better yourself and gain knowledge in your field of interest, this internship is for you! We have departments in Marketing/Social Media, Photography, Human Resources, Public Relations/Journalism, and Data Analytics! 

The deadline to apply is October 21st. Do not wait, click here to apply now!