21st Birthday Bar Crawl!

There aren't many birthdays that are considered "monumental" in one's life, but the big 21 definitely takes the cake! After waiting many years to confidently walk into a bar and show off your I.D. (instead of nervously handing over your fake one to the bouncer) the day is finally here to experience an outing as a real "adult". So the next question is, where should you go and celebrate?

Albany is known for having many clubs and bars in the downtown scene. Around the student neighborhoods (commonly known as the "student ghetto") there are several bars spots waiting to house students and serve good drinks all throughout the weekend. According to several UAlbany students, one should start off their epic night by going to Bomber's on Lark Street to down a giant birthday margarita!

If you survive your mega margarita, your next stop should be Wolff's Biergarten Bar. At Wolff's, you receive a free 2-liter boot of beer, commonly known as a "Das Boot" on your birthday!

Wolff's Biergarten Bar's Das Boot!

After downing your Das Boot, Albany's Pinto and Hobbs Tavern will be happy to offer you a large fish bowl of Long Island Iced Tea to continue your celebration! Although many don't make it past this point, the last destination of your bar crawl should undoubtedly be Graney's Stout to receive a 64 oz. Growler for free! Stout has been known as a good place to listen to good music while enjoying many good drinks!

With these few spots to consider visiting for big drinks and a good time, MASH hopes you have an epic 21st birthday!