8 Things MASH Interns Have Learned

Here at MASH, we offer the opportunity for students to intern and work in departments such as marketing, public relations, human resources, community service, operations, and data. Students are exposed to what goes into running a startup business and are given the chance to learn new skills that can help them in their future endeavors. As we are approaching the end of the spring 2018 semester, we want to recap and go over what the interns learned this semester. Here’s what they had to say:

“What I learned is that you have to speak up, be aggressive, and be persistent in order to get stuff done,” said Ashley Mena, a MASH Cares and PR intern. “It’s difficult for me to be act like this because I’m pretty shy and reserved, but MASH is definitely helping me break out of my shell more!”

Janay Wilkinson from the public relations team said “One thing I’ve learned so far being apart of MASH is how to multitask and the importance of deadlines when it comes to posting content. I also learned the importance of teamwork and how to communicate with others.”

Becky Fox, an intern in the marketing department said “I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that a lot goes into a business—you always have to be thinking three steps ahead, but the rewarding feeling you have at the end of the day is great.”

Interns Ashley Mena (top left), Becky Fox (bottom left), and Janay Wilkinson (top middle), with Meghan VanAuken from NutMeg, and team member Nina Ragland.


Mariama Darboe, in operations, learned that “Not everyday is going to be a success, but you have to keep trying. Sometimes plans fall through before being completed or don’t turn out the way you want them, but you have to learn from those mistakes and do better in the future.”

“What I’ve learned the most as an intern is how important communication is as a team,” Ashley Christman said. Ashley works in public relations, and added “I also learned how important it is to find something you enjoy doing and are passionate about, because if it wasn’t for MASH and the exposure to PR/journalism I gained, I wouldn’t know how much I enjoy it and want to continue with that career path going forward.

Bailey Cotrona from operations said “Because MASH is centered around making students happy, we focus a lot on the service side of the company, and I learned a lot about what customers value and look for in companies. Knowing what students like enables us to adapt our prizes and discounts to their tastes. Being able to see the smile on people’s faces when they win a cool prize, like food at their favorite restaurant, is a really fun experience.”

MASH interns on a tour of The Habitat ReStore.


“Some things I learned from MASH are the importance of communication,” said Dennis Prasad, operations intern. “By making your intentions known, you can learn a lot from other people. I also learned the importance of hard work and discipline; if you work obsessively to achieve a goal and hold yourself accountable to chase it everyday, you can achieve anything. But you can’t take shortcuts.”

Martin Selca, a human resources intern said “As an intern with MASH, I’ve learned that strong communication is one of the most important things to have within a company. MASH has also helped me learn time management as there is so much going on; it’s important to plan ahead and always prepare for any bumps in the road.”

Throughout the past few weeks, MASH interns have been hard at work creating content, crafting new ideas, serving the community, analyzing information, and interacting with members. They have learned so much about communication, hard-work, community service, customer values, business practices, and what they're passionate about. We hope they finish out the semester on a good foot and continue growing as individuals.

Interested in interning with MASH? We are looking for interns for the fall 2018 semester! To apply, fill out your information below or email hr@themashco.com.

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