Check Out Mild Wally’s for Wings, Pizza, and more!

Hungry? Order Mild Wally's!

Mild Wally's is a delivery restaurant located on the corner of Quail St. and Western Ave. The proclaimed "go-to wing restaurant in the Capital District" for the past 25 years, Mild Wally's also serves cold deli subs, pasta dinners, and gourmet specialty pizzas, as well as over 15 appetizers, and desserts ranging from giant cookies, brownies, and pies, to cannolis, cakes, and 16 flavors of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Their wings come with 16 handcrafted sauces to choose from, in addition to their homemade blue cheese dressing. Check out their menu below for more!

Mild Wally's menu, as seen on their website. To check out their entire menu, click here.

Sounds appetizing to you? Mild Wally's can be ordered online and is available for pick-up or delivery. (Note: MASH discounts do NOT apply when ordering over the phone for delivery.)

MASH members can take advantage of 10% off their entire purchase. 

Check out our deal by clicking here and visit Mild Wally's website here.