Tech’d Out

Need your computer fixed?! Don't want to pay the current prices on market?!

Tech'd Out is here for you!

Contact: OR through Facebook 
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun: 9AM - 5PM
*Hours may extend depends on customer need

Package Breakdowns

Data transfer
Package 1: 
Includes migration of data from windows to windows, mac to mac, or windows to mac. Does not include software migration

Package 2: Includes migration of data from mac to windows. Does not include software migration

Pc Building (cost of parts not included)
Package 1: Professional installation of a custom PC. Does not include water tubing loops
Package 2: Consultation and tailoring of parts to your specific needs. Includes testing and data migration if need.

Virus Removal
Package 1: Under 2 Hours Simple viruses (Malware, Spam-ware, etc.)
Package 2: 2 – 4 Hours removal
Package 3: 4 or more hours needed to eradicate the problem
Note: A full refund will be issued if the problem cannot be solved

Wi-Fi Packages (cost of hardware not included)
Package 1: Installation and configuration of your new system
Package 2: Consultation and research were done on your behalf to find the right router system for your home. Includes installation and configuration of the system as well