End Of The Year Survey

End Of The Year Survey!

Help us improve and win 1000 MP's!!!

Complete the survey and you will be entered into our last big sweepstakes of the year with prizes from all of our vendors

  • *We will reach out to you if you win our sweepstakes*
    **Please estimate to the best of your abilities**
  • If we think we can make your idea work, our opreations department might reach out to you for more details. Thank you!
    If the answer is 'Yes', our HR department will contact you via your .edu email to start the process.
    If the answer is 'Yes' our Community Service department will contact you for more information.
  • We are looking to collaborate with more orgs next year and would love your help!
  • Please be as specific as you can so we can improve over summer break and give you the best MASH experience when you come back!
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Good Luck On Your Finals!