Enjoy Now… Denny’s Buy 1 Get 1 Throughout Finals Week!

Denny's Buy 1 Get 1 Is Now Here

We know Finals week can be stressful and we decided to partner up with Denny's and provide all students the opportunity to take a study break(s) and enjoy a  BOGO (Buy One, Get One) with their friends and family!

This promotion is valid until Sunday, May 20th, and can be used 24/7 at Denny's location at 114 Wolf Rd. Our special yellow coupons are required in order to enjoy the deal (as seen in the picture below), and each coupon cannot be used for more than 2 people at a time.

Dennys BOGO Coupons will brighten your day!

If you do not have a coupon but really want to go there are 2 option:

  1. 1. Visit Blackstone LaunchPad office, which located in UAlbany's Campus Center, between 10-4 P.M Monday - Friday.
  2. 2. Follow our Instagram posts and stories to learn where and when we would be handing these coupons out. (Feel free to DM us at @themashco_  for more info)

Check out Denny's new menu items and play their trivia game here

We would like to wish everyone who has a final, good luck and a great vacation to those who are already done!