Fall’s Final Hunt Clue

Fall's Finals Hunt Clues

All tokens are hidden in UAlbany's main library. Find them and text the number behind to learn how to redeem them

Lucky Strike Social - The rest of the books are nice but they all stole words from me. Check me out to find out what erinaceous means (Basement)

Dave & Busters -  You would use this if there was a fire, in that comfy case, I do retire (Basement)

MASH Blue - The token may be in this box, there but the original resident is long gone (Basement)

Lucky Strike Social - Who knew the Library even had an accountant? Near their office, there may be a prize (Basement)

Poke Bar - On your right is the south something that takes you up and down, on the left, beautiful pictures while you drink from me. (1st Floor)

Dave & Busters - Its the largest of the "flame putter outers" and its somewhere on the 3rd floor

Lucky Strike - Heading up to the 2nd floor, head North and check the directory to make sure you don't get lost! (Staircase) 

MASH Blue - I am on display between the 26 stripes. Underneath me is surely a sight. (2nd Floor)

MASH Blue - Some of these books on display look pretty interesting! (1st Floor)

Dave & Busters - Creation, innovation, and more happens all right here. (Basement) 

MASH White - I'm in the corner of 'the purple', hiding under thousands of words