Fall’s Final Hunt!

Fall's Final Hunt

Right before the end of the Fall semester, we want you guys to enjoy some more 'Hunting'! Over the next week (Dec 3rd - Dec 10th), various clues for hidden tokens will be posted on our app, in our weekly emails, and on the Instagram stories.

This time we have 3 awesome vendors who are sponsoring the event: Dave & Busters, Poke Bar, and Lucky Strike Social! Winners will enjoy prizes from those three locations and other MASH vendors!

**Scroll down to see the first clues**

Here are the first clues to get you going:

(All Tokens are in UAlbany's Main Library)

Poke Bar - Kids come here to pick a book, draw the curtain have a look

Dave & Busters - These large portraits are surely a sight. Take a seat underneath one for help while you write.

MASH White - Writing a research paper and don't know where to start? Come to this counter for some help

Lucky Strike Social- A busy week, a busy day, check near the man who looks the wrong way

MASH Blue - On your right, what a sight. In this potted plant, there is a delight

Poke Bar - What are those things called again? Microphone? Oh no, it's Microforms!

MASH Gold - All hail King Arthur and the sword of Excalibur. Find his face and in front is something we placed

Dave & Busters  - Laptop dead? Maybe try plugging it in

**More clues will be posted on Instagram during the day, so keep your eye our**

*When finding the token, text the number on the back and we will let you know when you can claim them* *Winners will be notified and their prizes will be given out during 'Reading Day' (Dec 11th)*