Fall’s Hunt Clues

Fall's Hunt Clues

All tokens are hidden in UAlbany's main library. Find them and text the number behind to learn how to redeem them

Lucky Strike - Check me "periodically" to see if there are any tokens here. The last row is a great place to start! (Basement)

Dave & Busters - Don't let out a cough, don't let out a groan. Especially at 264 in the silent zone. (2nd Floor)

MASH White - Just because there is nothing in these display cases doesn't mean there is nothing under them! (Basement)

Poke Bar  - I am filled with color and filled with light, I am in the 'garden' and shine very bright. I watch you as you walk in to study each night. (Entrance)

Dave & Busters - Honorable are those who have served. In the Presidents reading room, you'll find some kind words (2nd Floor)

MASH Blue - Framed above 107C, I dare you to come to look for me (may need a tall friend)

Poke Bar - Down the north stairs and to the left, straight ahead underneath is where it rests (Basement)

MASH White - These Prime people are looking down at me, four wheels 'wood' make it easier for somebody to roll me away

Lucky Strike - The rest of the books are nice but they all stole words from me. Check me out to find out what erinaceous means (Basement)

Dave & Busters - When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you'll see something colorful and want to stop and stare.

MASH Blue - You're 'RIGHT!' The computer next to the door is very slow! (Basement)

Poke Bar - Need some info? Come see me! The thing you’re looking for is just above the floor! (1st Floor)