Give Back to the Community With MASH for School Credit!

Are you looking for a community service opportunity? Do you want to volunteer in exchange for school credit? If so, MASH is currently looking for students willing to dedicate their time to community service efforts!

MASH team members sorting through clothes to donate to the Capital City Rescue Mission

Community service is a great way for students to not only volunteer their time but also helps with character building. It is important to start volunteering during your undergrad in order to gain insight into their surrounding community while making a difference. 

MASH team members sorting through clothing donations

In the past few semesters, we have worked with many non-profit organizations such as the Veterans Miracle Center and the Food Pantries, which has given students the chance to give back while working with others. Students who participate will need to dedicate at least 35 hours to their community service assignment. In exchange, participants will receive 1-2 credits through the RSSW program at UAlbany. These kinds of opportunities will ultimately help you build your resume while also making great connections! If you want to learn more about our past community service events, here is a recap of our work at the Food Pantries:

Members providing non-perishable cans we collected to the The Food Pantries

If you are  interested in volunteering for community service, email us at and we will be in contact with you!