Halloween Hunt… Over $1000 In Prizes!

The Hunt Is Here!

We are giving out over $1000 in prizes to individuals and teams of up to 4 friends

The rules are simple, accumulate as many Halloween Points as possible by October 31st, and win the grand slam of prizes (See the list of prizes at the end of the page).

There are 3 different ways members can play and gain points:
1. 2X2 Slips at MASH vendors and selected UAlbany offices
2. Events on/off campus
3. Hidden Tokens

1. 2x2 Slips:
Find the following slips at each of the MASH vendors/UAlbany offices listed below, take one from each location and redeem as many as you can during Blackstone Launchpad's Halloween table on Oct 31st.

Some of the 2x2 slips that can be found at our vendors

2. Events:
*Blackstone Table - Wednesday, Oct 23rd from 10-2 at UAlbany's Small Fountain/CC
*PINK UAlbany's Event - Wednesday, Oct 23rd from 8-10 P.M at Auden Albany (across from the UAlbany campus)

3. Hidden Tokens:
From now until Wednesday, Oct 31st, multiple clues will be advertised on our app, Instagram account, and other outlets. Find them, redeem them, and get yourself closer to the grand prize!


In addition, our partnered brand ambassadors will also share locations with their unique MASH tokens on their stories. So, follow @launchpadalbany, @barstool_albany & @pinkualbany to increase your chances of winning!

 Found a token? Picked up a slip?! Awesome! You can redeem it on several occasions:

Wednesday, Oct 24th from 10-2 in Blackstone’s Small Fountain/CC Table
Thursday, Oct 25th from 12-2 in the Blackstone Launchpad Office
Monday, Oct 29th from 12-2 in the Blackstone Launchpad Office


At Blackstone’s Halloween table, on Wednesday, Oct 31st from 10-4

*25% of all Halloween Points will go towards members' accounts as MPs for future prize selections*

Vendor Locations

Visit the selected MASH Vendors, and pick up One Halloween slip from each


*Prizes will be provided after all points are redeemed and counted on Wed, Oct 31st
Team Challenge – We will add up the points from all team members (up to 4), and the team with the most points will win (Members with a high amount of points are eligible to win both individual & team prizes)