Happy Black Friday! Enjoy 750 MP’s on Us (Gold Members 1125 Points)

Happy Black Friday!

We would like all of our members to enjoy an additional 750 MASH Points. Now you can hopefully get that desired prize!  

** Gold Members... Your total MP's will grow by 1125 even if it shows '750'**

Still missing points?! No problem! Play our Black Friday game and add more points to your account today! (Click 'Black Friday' pic below to play)

*Not sure how to use the points and redeem a FREE prize? Scroll down and check the pics!

Enjoy 750 MP's on us 🙂

Click 'Pick a Prize' and Go Shopping!!



**Points were added to students only*Prizes on our store are on a first come, first served basis*In case a prize that is no longer available is selected, the member will receive the amount of MP's back in order to pick a different prize or keep the points for future purchase **