More Clues For Tokens Hidden Around UAlbany

Check Out These Clues For More Points!

  1. Main Library - I am filled with color and filled with light, I am in the 'garden' and shine very bright. I watch you as you walk in to study each night. (Prime Student Token)
  2. CC Floor 1 - Bring me plastic bottles and ill give you some change, look near me for a prize (MASH Blue Token)
  3. Science Library - Extra! Extra! Albany Student Press Special Edition! Next to the vending machines, you'll find me! (MASH White Token)
  4. Business Building Basement - Mouth on fire after Zime, use me to stop the heat. Underneath me, closer to your feet. (Red Bull Token)
  5. CC 2nd Floor - Where Blackstone and UAlbany collide, I will be hanging on the side (Blackstone Token)
  6. Lecture Centers - Can't make it to the CC but still feeling some Starbucks? Come over to me and see what I got! (PINK Token)
  7. Podium - The big picture? Spain (Barstool Token)
  8. Main Library - Printing only allowed at these computers, didn't you read the sign? (MASH Blue Token)

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