How Interning With MASH Shaped Ryan’s College Experience – And How You Can Get Involved!

Written by Janay Wilkinson

Leadership is a skill that every student strives to gain during their college years. It was a skill second-semester senior, Ryan Christian has had the opportunity to work on in his role as the MASH Director of Interns. He has played a significant role in the development of the organization since joining in 2016.

Ryan C. enjoying ice cream from Cold Stone, one of MASH’s vendors.

It was at an ASBO meeting during his sophomore year that Ryan first heard of MASH, leading him to purchase a membership card, which he avidly swiped at downtown’s Mild Wally’s. After eagerly benefitting from convenient membership discounts, Ryan gained even more interest in the organization upon learning about its internship possibilities the following year.

“I was a junior with no internship experience up to that point and thought it would be a good idea to interview for it. Plus I used MASH all semester and loved it,” Ryan explains. “I talked to Tiran the day I found out he was looking for interns and we met that same day. I learned from the get-go it was going to be an interesting experience and have been a part of the team ever since.”

Ryan participating in the MASH's yard sale fundraiser last summer.

Over the years, MASH has transitioned from only providing discounts and prizes to also connecting students with different vendors and non-profit organizations. This change has had a positive impact on team members such as Ryan, who has gained experience and developed the skills necessary to be successful post-graduation.

“Making all students happy meant we had to do more for the students. So it led to internships and trying to get students jobs at local vendors. Then we expanded on our volunteering aspect and had many donations throughout the semester,” said Ryan. When asked about his own experience working with the team, Ryan expresses how exciting it has been seeing MASH grow while also explaining that his experience with a startup company has made him feel better prepared for when he graduates in May 2018.

As a college intern, it is clear that balancing work and organization duties is no easy task. However, Ryan feels that this has helped him develop into a more well-versed student while stating that joining MASH has helped him gain real-life experience in a company during his college career.

“I’m able to take what I learn in the classrooms and apply it to what I’m doing at MASH. I’m a more confident public speaker and was able to learn what goes into a company all while still attending school,” he states. So, why should you join MASH? According to Ryan, “These internship opportunities will help other students learn different concepts that they simply won’t learn in a classroom setting.”

Ryan (upper left) supporting the Pink Scavenger Hunt event.

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