MASH helps UAlbany’s Blackstone win $15,000!

Since Spring of 2016, UAlbany's Blackstone Launchpad has been guiding and assisting young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success. The MASH Co, a UAlbany student-run startup company which also launched in early 2016, is currently the reigning Blackstone Launchpad's Business Plan Competition winners.

MASH with Blackstone Launchpad executives at the competition

After judging several competitions, UAlbany's Blackstone has been participating in a fierce one themselves over the last several months.

The objective of this competition?

Which Blackstone Launchpad branch (30 in total across the country) can get the most students to register for Blackstone online.  The first place winner would receive a prize $15,000 to invest in their students.

Blackstone has been apart of the MASH community for the past year, so there was no reason the MASH team could not utilize their wide inventory of resources to help Blackstone take home the first place prize.

As the competition came to a close last week, the MASH team pulled out all the stops,  tabling with Blackstone and going into their prize inventory to give students over 150 prizes worth upwards of $1200 from popular local vendors such as...

Cold Stone Creamery, Awake Chocolate,  McDonald's, Bellini's Counter, Bountiful Bread, Ben and Jerry's and more!

In addition to the table, MASH e-mailed it's community and utilized the social media platforms to spread awareness for the competition.

Blackstone & MASH tabling on campus

The final result?

With 1,438 registrants, which is 8.5 percent of the student body, UAlbany took home the win!

Jan Woodcock, Executive Director of Blackstone Launchpad at UAlbany is not sure that his team would have won this competition without the help from MASH.

"MASH has a great network with a number of vendors that students care about and their efforts were very impactful in our last couple weeks. They certainly helped us win because the school that came in second place had over 1,000 students registered within the first few weeks of the competition alone," said Woodcock.

The Blackstone Launchpad Team. Jan Woodcock second from the left

Denny’s weekly giveaway's at Blackstone :

Denny's (114 Wolf Road), one of MASH's vendors is in support of the young entrepreneurship experience and donated FREE Grand Slam Meals that will be given out by Blackstone through weekly sweepstakes.


To enter the sweepstakes, register here on Ideator and use your UAlbany e-mail.