MASH Tips for Landing a Job/Intership!

During this week's career fair, the MASH team had the opportunity to speak with several different kinds of companies and organizations. This provided us with the insight that all students need in order to jumpstart their career in their desired field. We also gained information on how to land the right internship to put on your resume.

SEFCU Arena during this week's career fair.

Here are the top 10 tips for successfully landing a job/internship:

  1. 1. Dress the part!  First impressions are everything so it is super important that you look presentable and clean cut when speaking with future employers and prospects.

2. Have your resume on hand. By having a prepared resume on site, you will be seen as a professional and qualified candidate for possible job openings.

3. Start volunteering for community service ASAP. According to Heidi Audino, Director at the School of Education, it is important to start participating in community service in order to "get your feet wet" and gain more experience in team work.

4. Be prepared for possible "interview" questions. Before your interview, think about the possible questions you may be asked and form good responses to them. Being able to answer questions in depth will make a good first impression on employers.

5. Network! As you may know, networking is key when it comes to job hunting. Most jobs are found through networking and making connections so make use of your contacts!

6. Have a list of important references. "Sometimes its not what you know but who you know," says David Jones, Director at Channel 13 News. Your list of references will help convince your future employer that it was a good idea to hire you. Get recommendations from your boss and your professors and add them to your resume.

7. Pay attention in your major classes. Your major is a reflection of what you want to do in your future career field. Stay focused especially in these classes because it will help you retain the knowledge needed to be seen as qualified when it comes time to job search.

8. Update your social media profiles Social media helps us stay connected with our colleagues so it is important that you keep your profiles updated pretty often. Be aware of the things that you say/post on social media sites because employers are watching!

9. Do your research on the company. Showing that you have knowledge of the company you want to work/intern for shows that you are serious about the position. This will help you look like an asset to the company, further leading to possibly being hired. Look at the companies website/social media sites to learn more about them.

10. Be yourself! Employers want to know exactly who they hired. Showing your personality will win them over rather than misleading them!

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