Meet Bailey Cotrona!

UAlbany senior Bailey Cotrona first heard about MASH when she moved into her own downtown apartment. After meeting with neighbor and fellow MASH member Tiran, Bailey claims that she started off as an unofficial member who helped out from time to time. Since interning with MASH on the operations team, Bailey states that, "MASH has affected me in many ways. Being friends with the crew outside of work, I became inspired by them and I feel like they've given me passion and drive to tackle things in my own personal life." When asked what she has valued about being apart of the organization, Bailey explains how rewarding it is to be a part of team that wants to help out the surrounding community.

With a major in Communications and minors in Economics and Business, Bailey has even become inspired to start her own company based on skin care. Toasty Naturals is a natural vegan, cruelty free-organic hemp based skin care company that donates its profits to charities that are committed to saving the bees. As a new vendor, Bailey will be working with MASH to start connecting with the local community while also coordinating giveaways for her products!

When asked what advice she has for students looking for internships in the upcoming semesters, Bailey says, "students should intern with MASH because it gives them real experience about running a business that you won't gain from simply sitting in a classroom."

Check out the Facebook page for Toasty Naturals products here!

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