Meet Dennis!

Dennis Prasad joined the MASH team in November of 2017. Now he is a junior and looking to expand his knowledge and experience, through MASH and other entities. As a finance major, Dennis is pursuing careers in investment banking, trading or FPA (financing, planning and analysis). As a part of the Data Analysis department of MASH, he collects information regarding points, members or events and analyzes this information to create actionable steps to ensure efficiency.

Since joining MASH almost a year ago, Dennis has been submersed in the “collective experience” he says, “I have been learning data and been exposed to different ways of experiencing things, it’s been really impacting.” He enjoys being a part of the unique organization, “MASH isn’t something everyone has” he said. The special opportunities MASH provides is unmatched.

When Dennis isn’t out fishing or trading, he frequents is his favorite vendor Coldstone to acquire the best frozen treats around.

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