Meet Intern Martin Selca!

UAlbany senior Martin Selca has been apart of the MASH team this past semester. After seeing that MASH was looking for interns, he started to look more into our organization and realized how heavily involved we are in the community, and decided it was something that he really wanted to be a part of.

Martin with MASH members at the Habitat Tour

Over the past few months, Martin has learned a lot while working in the human resources department. "MASH has made realize the amount of work that goes into running an organization and all the work that goes into successfully operating a company like MASH, which is a diverse one that does a lot. I'm hoping to run my own company one day and I have realized that it is not an easy task by any means." he explained.

Martin also claims that MASH has helped him realized how important teamwork is. He says, "Previously I’ve held job positions where I was mostly working alone. With MASH I’m able to work with a whole team of creative individuals who all bring something unique to the table. I have learned how important it is to bring together a diverse group of individuals who have the same goal in mind."

Martin with the MASH team at Habitat for Humanity: ReStore.

Post-graduation, Martin wants to work in real estate/property management and says that MASH has helped him develop skills needed in the field. Since joining, he has learned how to conduct interviews and has grasped the amount of work that goes into the hiring process from the employers side.

When asked what advice MASH has for interested students, Martin says, "I believe MASH is a great platform for students looking for internships. It's so much more than just a regular company. If you’re looking to get involved in your community, while also gaining real life experience, MASH is a great company to get involved with. I personally love the way the company is run and how the team is like a family. There is always someone around to help with any issue you may be having and everyone is looking to better one another. I would recommend looking into MASH. You’ll most likely find something that interests you."

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