Meet Karina!

Karina is a senior from Holbrook in Suffolk County Long Island. After studying communications at St. John’s for a year, she transferred to the University at Albany and has been there for three years now. She is a communications major with a minor in theater. Karina is thrilled to be a new addition to the marketing, advertising, and social media department. Karina hopes to pursue a career in marketing after graduation, her dream job is with Coca-Cola advertising!


Karina joined MASH to spread the joy she experienced. “I joined MASH because I use it so much and it made me so happy” she said “I want other people to feel the same.” In her time as a member of MASH, she enjoyed going to her favorite vendors Bellini’s, Denny’s, DP Dough, Lucky Strike and Cinnabon.



Karina is also a part of the “Women Excelling in Business” organization. WEB is an organization that gives females interested in entrepreneurship or business the tools they need to thrive in the business world. They improve their skills through regular workshops, professional events, trips and meetings.