Meet MASH’s Interns, Part 2

Though we have only been a part of the MASH family for a few weeks, the newest set of interns and I have done so much. From planning out our social media platforms and coming up with creative content for our community, to writing articles and having daily interactions with our members (such as our Halloween giveaway day and our donation tabling for various local organizations), we have challenged ourselves in new ways.

When we began, we each made a list of six goals for improvement, three personal and three professional. Throughout these past few weeks we have been working hard at these goals in order to improve our soft and hard skills as young entrepreneurs.

Earlier this week I met up with my fellow team members to reflect on our experiences so far.

The six of us at UAlbany's business building.


Anna Watkins

Anna is a sophomore who works in the Marketing department. While she helps with the planning, she also hits the field to take pictures for our social media and website. "I like being able to express myself through photography and collaborate with others on the marketing aspect," she said. Anna found out about the internship after winning a certificate through MASH for D.P. Dough. Career wise, she wants to work for a non-profit on the business side of things. She said "My favorite vendors would have to be either Sushi X or Cold Stone/RMCF." 


Mariama Darboe

Mariama is a senior and works in Operations. She likes how operations enables her to do a little bit of everything. She found out about MASH’s internship through her marketing class, where the team pitched the opportunity. After college, she plans on completing a rotational program at a company to try out different jobs, and eventually start her own business.

Margaret Ritchie

Margaret is a senior and works in the Community Service department. Her friend Isaiah, who works in Human Resources, introduced her to MASH. After college, she said “I want to work for a nonprofit that is focused on promoting sustainable farming methods through education.” She has been working at our vendor, Bountiful Bread, for two years now and loves the atmosphere and her coworkers. Her favorite meal to order there is a cup of three bean chili with a slice of sourdough bread.


Zach Larche

Zach is a sophomore working in the Marketing department. He said “I love the creativity it allows. I can use it to interest students and benefit them in the long run.” He also takes pictures for our social media and website, alongside Anna. “I like being able to capture the joy of each student and how I am able to look back at it, while showing everyone else the good we do in MASH” he said. In the future, he hopes to get a job in the marketing field and someday start his own business.


Caitlin Treacy

Lastly, there’s me. I’m a sophomore working in the Marketing and Public Relations departments. I found out about MASH’s internship after winning a t-shirt in a contest and meeting Vinny, the Director of Operations. After college, I want to work in marketing for a company or for a non-profit mental health organization since I’m very interested in that field. One of my favorite vendors is Dave & Busters because I love playing arcade games and MASH lets me get more tokens for less money, enabling me to spend more time having fun.


We have had a great first few weeks. Here's to more weeks filled with growing and learning!

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