Meet Nick!

Nick first joined MASH as a member in December of 2017. In the midst of the stressful finals week, Nick and his girlfriend utilized the partnership between MASH and DC's Pizza.  He reached out to MASH through social media, the operations team was on top of it and hand delivered a coupon as soon as possible. “I saw how helpful it was, I wanted to be a part of that great team and partake in the experience.” Since then, Nick has joined the operations team and pays it forward, to make the same impact on others.

Nick is a sophomore from Massapequa, Long Island at the University at Albany. He is currently studying in the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland security and Cybersecurity with a concentration in Emergency Preparedness. He wishes to pursue a career in law enforcement or with disaster relief agencies such as the Red Cross.

Nick’s favorite vendor is Bellini’s Counter in Stuyvesant Plaza.

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