Meet Nketa!

“MASH is the plug!” says Nketa Sealy, one of our team members in the marketing department. 

Nketa, 20, learned about MASH at a career fair last year and has been excited to help out the community ever since. “I love being in the social media/marketing department because It really gives me a chance to put the word out there and connect our followers with all the good we do!” 

Nekta loved tabling at the 2018 UAlbany Block party. “It was so much fun to table there because I got to Interact with so people, spread the word about MASH and play tons of fun games!”

After graduating in 2020, Nketa, as a human bio major sees herself in a medical setting, continuing to help people for years to come. Until then she likes to listen to music, draw and work out. 

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