Meet Operations Intern Mariama Darboe!

Mariama Darboe is currently in her last semester as a senior at the University at Albany. As an operations intern, the economics major and business minor has applied what's she learned since joining the organization in Fall 2017. "I first heard about MASH through my marketing class. For extra credit, we had to advertise one of MASH's vendors and I decided to advertise DP Dough. From there, I knew I wanted to do community service and when I heard that MASH was accepting interns, I became very excited to not only know that they're here to make students happy, but also, that they want to better our society," she says.

Mariama says that MASH has impacted her in many ways, including being more generous. Community service opportunities and help with non-profit organizations has helped her realize that the little things the MASH is doing is making a big difference in the lives of others. She also credits MASH for her newfound public speaking skills after handing out surveys and pitching out the benefits of MASH around campus.

Mariama pictured with MASH members volunteering at the Rescue Mission.

Post graduation, Mariama plans to work at a bank to save up enough money to start her own business. She says that whatever career path she takes will include helping others and the community, something that she has experienced and learned from being apart of MASH. She advises other students to join MASH in order to improve their professional skills, to gain social skills, and most importantly, to help improve their lives of students and the community.

Mariama helping out at last semester's PINK VSFS event

"Being that MASH is a start up established by students, I've realized that not everyday is going to be success, but as long as you keep striving to be great and don't give up, you'll reach your final destination." says Mariama.

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