Meet Taylor, Director of MASH Cares!

Meet Taylor Alimari!

As head of the community service department, Taylor's work is essential to what we do here at MASH!

Taylor is a sophomore at The University at Albany and is very excited to be working with MASH. She is very experienced in doing community service. "Throughout high school, I went on a few services trips! My favorite was when I went to Peru to build irrigation canals." She states, "I joined MASH to continue helping the community and put a smile on people's faces."

Taylor (Left) visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel

Bountiful Bread is Taylor's favorite MASH vendor. "I love their new Hangover menu! The team and I had so much fun taste testing the new sandwiches that they added this month, my favorite was the Fat Elvis!"

After graduating college in 2021, Taylor would like to use her degree in Psychology to become a divorce lawyer. Until then she enjoys school, playing guitar, writing poetry and working out at the gym.

If you'd like to learn more about Taylor, click here to follow her on Instagram or add her on Snapchat at @tt.squid!

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