Super Bowl

NFL Pick & Win Super Bowl 52

Lucky Strike Social

$175  in Lucky Strike Social "Spare Bucks" 

Pick what you think will happen during this year's Super Bowl, and you might walk away with one of the first 3 places!

*Each question is worth X amount of points * The member with the highest total points, wins the competition* *MASH Points DO NOT COUNT toward the competition, and will be added to all members accounts up to 48 hours after the end of the game* 

1st Place - $100 "Spare Bucks" , 2nd Place - $50 "Spare Bucks" , 3rd Place - $25 "Spare Bucks"  4th-7th =  Additional 150 MP's Each 8th-15th = Additional 100 MP's Each

Sorry, Pick & Win is for members only.

*Voting closes @ 6:15 P.M.  Sunday, Feb 4th *Only one submission per member* If there is a need for tiebreaker, the member with the closest number to the actual sum will win the prize