Relax with the help of Mel’s Massage!

Introducing a new partnership for the averaged stressed customer or the injured athlete, Mel's Massage!!!

Melissa Henderson in action


Melissa Henderson, a certified massage therapist, offers a unique service to students from the comfort of her home. Although certified in massage therapy; hot stones, cupping therapy, reflexology and Swedish massages are offered but not her specialty. Her specialty is in injury prevention. "Sports are my passion, I love helping athletes. My goal is not only treat students but to educate them on how to heal themselves." Melissa said.

In her free time, Melissa Henderson volunteers with the local arena football team Albany Empire, through this experience, she learned a lot about injury prevention. "My goal is to offer a cheaper alternative to students to get athletic treatment. Club teams and non-school affiliated sports teams don't have the luxury of a personal sports trainer. I want to help them and to educate them on the importance of health before their injuries carry over into their later lives"

Will Tangel in during Ultimate Frisbee practice!


For Senior Will Tangel from Smithtown, NY, a four year veteran to Ultimate Frisbee, a injury struck suddenly during a tournament after diving to the line. With limited options to treat his left rotator-cuff, Will turned to Mel's Massage for help. "The pain feels relieved, it was helpful. On top of a great massage, she gave me advice on how to better treat injuries. My back feels much better and I'm going again later in the week" He said.