Roommate Horror Stories!

One of the biggest adjustments for all college students is learning how to live with a roommate. While some roommates can go from being a complete stranger to your best friend, others can end up being a complete nightmare to live with. The MASH team took the time to speak with UAlbany students who haven't had the best roommate experiences.

"My freshman year I ended up living with a girl who ended up being very vocal about not showering every day. While I didn't mind it at first, as the months went by I started noticing that her hygiene was becoming a big problem for the suite overall. My other suitemates and I would have guests come over and they would end up leaving because they couldn't stand the stench. It was pretty humiliating."

"A few years ago, I started living on Dutch Quad with a suite full of complete strangers. At first, my roommate and I got along very well. That is until I started missing a good amount of clothes from my closet. One day, after weeks of looking for my favorite hoodie, I spotted my roommate wearing it around campus! Before I confronted her about it I decided to see if she had anymore of my stuff in her belongings. After searching, I opened up a suitcase that she kept hidden underneath her bed. I ended up finding at least 10 of my shirts and 3 sweaters in the suitcase! Long story short, we ended up getting into a huge fight and I had to be switched to another room by the end of the night."

"Freshman year I was living with this guy who ended up being known as a drug dealer on campus. One night we were playing GTA and we heard this loud knock on the door. On the other side stood campus police with a huge dog by their side. My stomach dropped as I watched them look through all of our stuff. After finding a good amount of weed in the room, we both ended up being arrested and we had to go back home for the remainder of the semester. It was a pretty traumatizing experience."

"Last year I was living with a girl who was pretty known for being with many guys on campus. Within the first few months we had a new guy in our room every single week! It came to the point where I stopped trying to remember their names. Not only did I have to worry about my privacy around her but now I couldn't even be in my room comfortably without always having a random in there with us. After having many loud instances with guys in he middle of night, I confronted her about it and we ended up having a bad altercation. Safe to say that experience really sucked."

"My worst roommate experience was during my sophomore year. During spring break I went back home but my roommate ended up staying on campus. I came back a few days later to her and her boyfriend both sleeping in my bed. After confronting her about it she told me about their long, drunken night and how he ended up throwing up in her bed so they just switched over to mine. The worst part about it, (besides from the fact that she didn't ask), was that he was slobbering all my pillows with throw up still around his mouth. I was absolutely livid."