How joining The MASH Card shaped my career path

The story of Ryan Taratko & Jacob Wasserman

Being a college oriented company, The MASH Card team consists mostly of students who are driven for success and self-development. Two of the first members are Ryan Taratko and Jacob Wasserman, both seniors at the University at Albany.

Ryan, the first of the two to join, wasn’t sure where the journey would take him “I have an entrepreneurial mindset and was always looking to join or build a startup. When joining The MASH team, it was first as a favor for one of the Co-Founders, Tiran, but after just a few days, I understood the impact this company can have on the lives of all college students, and even a bigger one for me as an individual”

Only a number of days after starting, Ryan got Jacob involved. “The timing was perfect to be approached by Ryan.” Wasserman says, “I was looking for something new and fulfilling to do during the upcoming spring semester, and hearing the concept of the company for the first time, I knew it’s a win-win situation.”

Jacob (Left) & Ryan Making All Students Happy

The two friends shared their personal success stories, both of which had a lot to do with MASH. Jacob, who became a viral sensation in his role in "Two Buttons Deep" said "After joining the MASH Team, scratch that, the MASH family, I have grown in ways that can't be measured by a test. I was always someone who preferred experience over textbooks and this was the outlet I needed in college. Alongside Ryan, we spoke to hundreds of students a week, pitching The MASH Card idea. That skill alone would not have gotten developed if I decided to sit behind a desk. Conversations come easier, and I feel like nobody is off limits to talk to. It’s even landed me a gig at a startup entertainment and news outlet,, where my on-field reporting has gotten over 75,000 views and growing." Check out Jacob’s latest video at TwoButtonsDeep-Mumps

"That is what The MASH Card does for you. I’m not saying you’re silly if you don’t join, but you will be missing out on an amazing experience with a TON of personal growth. It’s up for you to decide.”

The two reflecting on the past year right before graduation

As for Ryan, he recently became Red Bull’s representative in the capital district, and interacting with students for him is a "natural thing" at this point. “Over the past year, I have gained an amazing amount of experience in the Start Up industry. When I first started with MASH, myself and Jacob would walk around campus a few hours each day pitching the idea to students. Since then I have gained a well-rounded knowledge of how a business is built from the ground up. Due to all my endeavors with The MASH Card, it was easy to answer Red Bull’s manager and answer when she asked about my interactions with the student body. Our conversation evolved more than I expected, and I believe that was a big fracture for me eventually obtain the job. To students who are reading this, I highly recommend considering joining the company because it provides many different platforms for you to gain a real-world experience”


“Experience over textbooks was the outlet I needed in college”

Tiran Koren, Co-Founder & CEO of The MASH Card said, “Starting this experience, we did not know where it would lead. Having great people like the two of them on your team is crucial when starting your own business. Whether they were sacrificing time and personal obligations or sticking with the vision through tough times, Ryan and Jacob were always an asset to the team. The MASH Card would like to wish both of them success in whichever path they chose. As they already know, they will always have a place in our family”

If you are a driven individual like Jacob and Ryan and looking for a platform that would let you express yourself while gaining real life experience, click on the following link Join the team and send us a brief description of yourself.