Ryan C’s Story

Ryan C's Story

Everyone knows MASH has provided countless deals to their members, but they have also been profound at providing internship opportunities for UAlbany students as well. Ryan Christian, Class of 2018, got an internship with the company in 2016, and less than a year later he is the Head of Interns, conducting interviews for potential interns and playing a key role in setting up MASH events.

Ryan (upper right) in his first day as a MASH intern, Fall 2016

The economics major was told about MASH during one of his ASBO meetings when MASH representatives visited the UAlbany’s Sport-Business club looking for potential members. Soon after joining, Ryan became an avid user.

“I used my membership mostly at Mild Wally’s since I was living on alumni quad downtown. Mild Wally’s great prices with the MASH deal was a ‘MASH’ made in heaven,” said Ryan while smiling.

Ryan at Mild Wally's about to eat his favorite pizza in Albany

Not long after, Ryan was scrambling to make a resume in order to apply as an intern for MASH.

“My buddy, Harlan, told me that MASH had just started an internship program. From there, after setting up the interview, we found out that I lived across the street from the MASH house. I ran home to print out a resume and went to meet T & Ben. I quickly learned this wasn’t a ‘your resume is everything’ type of interview. I vibed with everyone from the first day and have been a part of MASH ever since,” recalled Ryan.

Many interns will agree that MASH has benefitted their lives in one way or another. Whether it has helped them experience how the real world really is, assisted them in getting a job, or given them the sheer satisfaction of helping the community. Ryan believes all team members when asked, will reflect on their time with MASH in a positive light.

For Ryan C, as he is called by his team members, MASH evolved him from a relatively uninvolved student into a more proactive, hardworking version of himself.

“MASH taught me to always grind. Nothing comes easy in life and some students seem to be under the impression that once they graduate they will get their dream job. It takes hard work to achieve the job of your dreams.”

"MASH taught me to always grind" Ryan (right) 'grinding' with the guys on campus in his early days

Now a full-fledged team member and Head of Interns, Ryan is confident that the best of MASH has yet to come.

“The Sky’s the limit for MASH. This company is picking up steam, watch out for us.”

If you would like to join MASH on a credit-based internship, email  HR@themashco.com for more details. Internships are open in Marketing, Public Relations, Data Analytics and Human Resources.