Scavenger Hunt old

Many MASH tokens are hiding in Dave & Busters! Combine the Silver & Gold to guarantee yourself a D&B gift certificate! 

$25 Gift Certificate = 6 Silver + 2 Gold, $15 Gift Certificate = 4 Silver + 1 Gold

Gold Clues:

I'm between two sets of colorful lights looking at 'Jack's Hi'

Find me above the D&B logo between 8 stars, I'll 'hook' you with a prize

Silver Clues:

Mozart would play this game

You'll find me by a 'friendly neighborhood' hero

Our leader is down! do you copy? 'Rodgers' that,  a new QB is on the way

Think you're a 'Big' baller? Show me you got 'nothin but net'

Instead of going to the mirror of the bathroom, use me to take a selfie

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