She said she’d go out with you! Now what? 

So, you've finally sealed a date with the girl of your dreams! You have to make sure it goes well!

We're here to help you do that.


You got the date, don't screw it up! (Photo by

1. Dress to impress

Ditch the wrinkled T-shirt and baggy sweatpants! Put some thought and time into your outfit. Definitely, do your hair and shave your face. We girls notice these things and we like to see effort!

2. Always brush your teeth before you leave

No one wants to sit across from a guy with stinky breathe and talk to him all night, and I can guarantee you won't be getting that end-of-the-night kiss!

3. Be on time

Punctuality is so important. You don't wanna to upset her before you even begin the date, do you?

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4. Open & Hold the door for her

Always hold the door for anyone, especially a lady. If you really want to impress her, open the car door for her too. (For even more brownie points: Pull her chair when she is going to sit down. She'll love it!)

5. Confidence is key

Ladies love a man with confidence! However, be careful not to cross the thin line between confident and cocky. That can be a deal breaker.

6. Ask her questions

Of course use that confidence and tell her about yourself. But make sure to let her know that you're interested in her, ask her questions about herself as well.

7. Put your phone down

Whatever is going on in the "bros" group chat or on social media can wait just a few more hours.

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8. Hype her up

Make her blush & tell her how good she's lookin' tonight! (If you follow tip #1 I'm sure she'll be doing the same to you.)

9. Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact will show her that you're listening and help establish a true connection.

10. The most important: Be Respectful

Respecting women is a necessity. Make your mother proud and be an absolute gentleman.

*Post date Tip: Follow up!

It's 2018 and it is no longer cool to wait 2 weeks before calling her. If you had fun and would like to go out again, don't play any games, let her know! She'll be happy to hear it.

Follow these tips and increase your chances of a second date!