Tailgating Week 1: Home Opener Edition

Albany, N.Y- Tailgating before a football game at UAlbany can be one of the most entertaining activities for students. For those who tailgated outside of Dutch Quad this past Saturday, MASH gave students a new and creative twist to their traditional 'pregame' festivities.

Three hours before kickoff vs. Monmouth, the MASH team was out in the parking lot, setting up Cornnhole and playing music only 100 feet from the students.

Students flocked over in the masses when they saw a white-board easel that wrote "PLAY TO WIN FREE CHIPOTLE BOGOS". (Buy One Get One Free)

Lines of over ten people waited to get their chance to throw Cornhole for Chipotle. At the tailgate's conclusion, 15 BOGO's were handed out in all. Several BOGO's to Bellini's Counter at Stuyvesant Plaza were also given to winners.

In addition to free BOGO's, students who were members of MASH and made the shot from a few feet further had the exclusive privilege of winning a free Chipotle entree. Four free entrees were handed out in total.

For students who were not able to make the last tailgate, or those who simply want some more Chipotle, MASH will be hosting another tailgate this Saturday from 4-7 P.M in the parking lot by Dutch Quad. Of course, more Chipotle and Bellini's counter BOGO's will be awarded to lucky students.

Start practicing your cornhole toss today!

Vinny congratulates a security guard after he sinks it in cornhole

Student throwing with great form

Friends on the women's lacrosse team gave cornhole a shot