The Big Chipotle Challenge Winners

ASBO wins Chipotle Challenge

It’s the last weekend before finals week starts and the school year is coming to a close. The Albany Sports Business Organization (ASBO) all gather together one last time before hitting the books. On the main menu… FREE Chipotle catering they have all won together while participating in The MASH Card competition.

Many MASH members assembled teams with their friends and even just MASH members they got to meet. All in order to compete and be the best team out there. They donated to our community, participated in MASH events, and even found themselves searching for special tokens all around their campus. At the end, only one team prevailed, it was UAlbany's own ASBO.

“It all started with a small spin of the wheel, which quickly turned into a weekly MASH interaction for me and my friends” reflects Justin, a junior at the University at Albany, and ASBO’s executive board member for the past two years.

Justin (second to the left) with his ASBO teammates

Over the past year, in addition to their amazing club activities, members, with the leadership of their E-Board, were active in many MASH events. From donating clothes, food, and toiletries to finding hidden tokens all around their campus, ASBO made sure to stack up their MASH Points.

Justin added “I remember getting my first MP’s and not really knowing what that meant, but I’m so happy my team and I were able to stay consistent, participate in all the fun MASH events, and eventually winning this amazing Chipotle catering”

“Some of us joined The MASH Card last year. After experiencing first-hand how useful and fun it was to be a member, we decided to make every ASBO member a MASH Card member. A decision we all look back at today with a big fat smile” said Harlan Ginsburg, President of ASBO.

Meaghan Potter, who became a MASH member earlier this year had this to say “The crazy thing is, with all my MASH points that I gained, I can also claim more prizes of my choice, and all because I decided to have some fun and do some good. The MASH Card really did an amazing job making me happy during my senior year”

ASBO enjoying their first place prize

The winning team was able to beat 15 other teams on their way to the ultimate prize, and from how it seems, it will be very tough to take away their crown. “We plan on coming back after the summer break ‘hungrier’ than ever (while looking at his team enjoying the feast). We know what it takes to be champions, and how delicious these Chipotle Burritos are.” Ginsburg sums it up.