Tips for Finals Week!

Here are a few tips

to get you through Finals!

Get the Proper Fuel:

The brain can’t think properly if you’re hungry. Think about how distracting it is to have your stomach growl at you every 2 minutes.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and pack lots of snacks


Get Sleep:

The mind, as well as the body, relies on rest. The average night’s sleep should consist of 7-9 hours of rest but at least 5-6 will suffice during finals week. If you can't get this much sleep, take power naps (20-25 minutes) throughout the day.

Don't want to end up like this!


Time Management:

Grab a clean piece of paper and write a to-do list based on priorities.  By writing down what subject is being tested and when, it’s easy to organize the timetable of studying for the next week.


Office Hours/Group study sessions:

When information is processed in a different way, the brain retains much more of the information. A different perspective is always beneficial. 


Take Breaks:

Spend a few minutes every hour to take a walk or do exercises like push ups or easy stretching. Get the blood flowing to get fresh blood to the brain.

Public Relations member Jay taking a break while writing this article!


Simulate test environment:

Sit up at your desk and silence your phone to get the most out of the study session. Your body tends to remember more if you are closest to the state you studied in.


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