Token Clues

MASH Clues

Business Building
2. While I look down, my twin looks up, you can find us both when you come to the top
4. Find me when at the instructions for a service
5. Little kids need to run all the way up to use me and drink

LC's + Big Fountain
1. Under one of the four brothers who can show you everything this world has to offer
2. Before you entEr dO some pushuPs and you"ll see me
3. I might be near a perfect 4, which people use when they need help to open
4. Kids are scared of me, but college students love what I have
5. Mmmmmmmmm…Burrrr,I’m cold

Main Library
1. Attached to the wall and able to save a lot of plastic
2. In front of the American flag I sit. I'm one of 4 light brothers, get the hint?
3. I'm in the corner of 'the purple', hiding under thousands of words
4. North Stairs' is right in front, use me when your phone is dead

Small Fountain / Podium
1. You read from me when you want new information, and your dogs left me their hand impression
2. I’m facing the entry, strangers use me
3. U Place i Send

CC Food area / Science Library
1. I'm right under the Red & Yellow that make you dogs better
2. I'm white, facing the store and pretty tall, find the token between me and the wall
3. 'Good Humor' is my name and cold things I contain

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