UA Then vs. UA Now


Over the past few years, students at UAlbany have witnessed several changes when it comes to traditional events and social life. This has caused debates over which graduating classes are apart of UA Then vs. UA Now. After speaking with many UAlbany students, past and present, it is clear that the adjustments made on campus determine which group you are apart of.

"Back when I was an undergrad student at UAlbany we used to have Fountain Day. Everyone from the students to the faculty and even our school president would come out and we would celebrate the fountain finally coming back on. It was the perfect event to have during the spring semester. If you weren't here for Fountain Day I would definitely say you are apart of UA Now, " says alumni Philip Derek, who reminisces over the tradition that ended in 2011.

Aside from the renovated fountain, the biggest change on the school campus has been seen within the campus center. This school year revealed a modernized and larger campus center that has been in the works over the past 3-4 years. While UA Then blew their munch money on Wendy's and Auntie Anne's, UA Now has many more options including Starbucks and Halal Shack. "Honestly, the only places that we had to eat that are still in the CC now are Cusato's Pizza, 518 Market, and Subconnection. These undergrads and incoming classes are really lucky to have such a beautiful campus center with so many different dining options." says alumni Felicia Shaw.

The cancellation of a few UA traditions has made the differences of school culture over the years more clear than ever. According to grad student Ishmael Rodriguez, "One thing that UA Then had that UA Now lacks is the school unity. A few years ago we used to have Kegs and Eggs every St. Patrick's Day. Everyone would drink a ton of beer and we would throw eggs all over the place for fun. Of course the police and the school faculty made a big deal over it but we thought it was a good time. We're the reason why Spring Break is scheduled during St. Patrick's Day now."

While UAlbany continues to change with hopes of providing more for the students. there are high hopes for new traditions to be made over the next few years. With new graduating classes comes new ideas, new personalities and new events that are necessary to keep school culture alive!