UAlbany S.A.A.C. visits Eagle Point

UAlbany S.A.A.C. Visits Eagle Point Elementary School

On the week of November 5th, the UAlbany Student Athlete Advisory Comittee traveled to Eagle Point Elementary school. Thanks to the volunteered time from Kelly Barkevich (Women's Softball), Jay Bendlin (Men's Cross Country/MASH Public Relations), Alexa Corben (Women's Softball), Hoyt McCuin (Men's Lacrosse), Chris Perillo (Men's Cross Country) and Sam Tortora (Women's Lacrosse) the children had a fun filled afternoon.

Line up! The kids at Eagle Point Elementary doing some exercises!


After fun introductions, the kids and athletes lined up into lines of six to do "team stretches". One stretch of exercise per student and everyone was breaking a sweat. The strenuous "warm up" consisted of activities such as jumping jacks, push ups, planks and holding their arms out for minutes at a time. After getting all fired up, they separated into two groups, one group to play games in the gym and one group to do homework in the classroom.

The gym was radiated with laughter, screams of joy and pools of sweat. They played games like Sharks and Minos and freeze tag, teaming up on the adults, because that's what kids do.

Study up! UAlbany's student athletes helping out with homework!


In the other room, the rest of the athletes were helping the young blossoming children with the difficult tasks of multiplication and proper grammar.

Story time!


On the other side of the school, Sam enjoyed fiddling with the tiny hands of the Pre-K class

“It’s great to give these kids something to identify with, some of them don’t even know where UAlbany is” said instructor James Mayben “I want to introduce them now to what the future holds, that college is an option. My goal is to keep that thought in these kid’s minds.”

“We had such a great time getting to hang out with the kids and reinforce the value of academics!” said Kelly Barkevich “I’m really looking forward to continuing this partnership!”

Email to find out more on how to get involved with volunteering at Eagle Point Elementary School or other schools in the area.