UAlbany’s Spring Break Stories!

With Spring Break right around the corner, the MASH team took the time to talk to students of all different ages at UAlbany about their best and worst spring break experiences. Can you relate?

"Last year, I went to Cancun, Mexico with a group of my college friends. The first night we went out to a club we heard a lot of spring breakers would be attending. When we got there, the line was out the door all the way around the corner, but after a good 20 minutes we finally got in. The club was so packed that bumping into people was inevitable. After about 30 minutes of being in the club, my friends and I finally got our drinks and were really starting to enjoy ourselves. That is until I felt a warm liquid on my legs and feet. As I made eye contact with my best friend, we both realized that someone just peed on us in them middle of the club! I would have to say that was the worst night of the entire trip"

Yes! Spring Break is finally here!!!

"I went to the Dominican Republic around two years ago with five of my roommates/close friends. The first night we went out to a bar called Fat Tuesday's. When we got there, we drank until we were dysfunctional and stumbling out the door. The next morning, I woke up and realized that my bag was not in my hotel room. It had my passport with all of my cash for the trip inside. Because it was the weekend, the place that makes emergency passports was closed and wouldn't be open until the day that we had to leave. I spent the entire trip in the hotel because I lost my money while worrying about if I would even be able to make it back home."

"Last spring break, I was more than ready to go back home to see my family and hometown friends. At the same time, I was really sad because everyone I knew was going away to all these great places. After complaining for weeks about not going away, I finally returned home to my boyfriend holding plane tickets to Turks and Caicos for 5 days! It ended up being the best trip of my life."

'Sun's Out, Guns Out' - 22 Jump Street

"The year I turned 21, I knew that I wanted to go to Vegas to finally see if it was like how it seemed in the movies. So for spring break we booked our flights to spend the weekend as a quick getaway. As soon as we touched down, we went straight to the casino. After spending about 400 dollars in two hours, I ended up making 700 dollars by the end of the night. When we went to turn in our slot tickets in exchange for the money, I realized that it was not in the pocket I originally put it in. I ended up losing a majority of the money I bought with me without a chance of getting it back because I could not find that ticket. It really sucked."

"Last spring break, I went back home and I volunteered at an animal shelter in my hometown. For a week and a half, I spent time grooming the animals and playing with them. One baby pit bull caught my attention from the beginning and I spent a lot of time with him. Toward the end my volunteering, one of the workers offered to let me adopt the pit bull. Now, I have a dog which I named Benji and I love him to death! He makes my days 1000% better."

Where would you be when the pics are taken?!

"I went to Mexico last year for spring break. When my friends and I got there, we wanted to go to a cool beach that we heard about in a neighboring town. After about 45 minutes in the cab, the driver seemed to be really lost. He stopped in a store to ask for specific directions. The lady at the counter informed him that in the middle of the night, the Mexican cartel switched all of the street signs to lead to a specific location that was meant to rob and kidnap tourists and spring breakers. It ended up being a really scary experience but we learned how important it is to be aware of our surroundings in foreign countries."

From all of us here in MASH, we want to wish you a great Spring Break vacation, have fun and be safe!