Vinny’s MASH Journey

Vinny's MASH Journey

When Vinny Fiorenza joined the MASH Co. last Fall, he was just looking for something to do in his spare time during his Senior year at UAlbany. In his first three years of college, Vinny was planning on receiving a white collar job in New York City after graduation. However, during his senior year, Vinny became infatuated with helping students and bringing the community together.

Fiorenza was introduced to MASH in Spring of 2016 by Ben Refael, the co-founder of MASH and former Director of Operations.

“Ben and I were hanging outside school together, and he explained to me what he was starting. I thought it was a great idea,” recalls Fiorenza.

After starting as an intern in Fall of 2016, Vinny’s hard work promoted him to Director of Inventory. With this role, Fiorenza was in charge of the whopping $30,000 worth of prizes that were being handed out to students for free over the course of the school year.

With each student that Vinny helped, he became more gratified and knew he wanted to continue helping students after college.

“As I grew closer to graduation I realized what I wanted to do was be a bigger part of this great startup company. I wanted to help develop it into something much more than it already is. I see the potential that it has and I want to be a major part of the team that helps to make it the success it deserves to be,” says Fiorenza.

Only a year later, Vinny and his MASH teammates were holding a check for $6,000, after winning first place in the Blackstone Launchpad Business Plan Competition against 21 other opponents.

“I was overjoyed when we won the Blackstone Launchpad Competition. It was amazing to see that the professionals of the Capital District acknowledged how valuable our service was. This was the biggest confirmation that we had something legitimate that we can take to the next level,” Fiorenza says.

Vinny (second from the right), The MASH Team & UAlbany's Blackstone executives

After graduation, Vinny was promoted to Director of Operations. For him receiving this job validated his year of hard work and spread the icing on the cake of his UAlbany career.

“In hindsight, attending UAlbany was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” Vinny concludes.

Vinny outside UAlbany's Business Building

If making students happy and bringing the community together is something you would like to do, you can apply to be an intern for MASH, email us at or click  Join the team